Friday, March 5, 2010

Lessons learnt. on Day 1

What have I learned on the first day of setting up business? Ah.. the lessons are too many. Hopefully, not too painful.

Lessons as follows:
1. Everybody makes jewelry too. How am I setting myself apart.
2. Take close up pictures to show details. Pictures need to be much brighter.
3. If you want more people to see your products, you have to ADVERTISEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

I asked my fellow Etsians and was told the following ways to be the best:-

1. Buy a showcase spot in etsy to improve exposure.
2. Blog about it.
3. Create a facebook group.
4. Include the name of the shop and the facebook group in emails as signatures.
5. Get involved in forums, local craft workshops,etc.

Fine. all of these are good advise. But if I know this, doesn't EVERYONE else also know this? If everyone is ALSO doing this... how am I setting myself apart again?
Sigh.. This is going to be really difficult. However, I have to try.

So action plan:
1. Take brighter pictures this weekend.
2. Blogging.. hello.
3. Do have a facebook group- Jabeen's Asian Creation.
4. Can't do email signatures at work. Will lose job...Not quite ready for that! So private emails only.
5. Getting involved in etsy forums, craigslist and local maker's markets.

So let's see how this goes.


  1. As someone who has muddled through jewelry on etsy for a year I can say your plan sounds great! The only thing I may respectfully disagree with is the positive reviews on buying a showcase - I heard that they typically do not generate enough sales/views to warrant the costs. But - each store is different! Good luck!

  2. A very good point you have raised. I will find out tomorrow if I wasted the $7 or not!