Sunday, June 6, 2010

Every sale brings affirmation

It has been a month or more. I have changed job. Finally. I have been trying to leave my past job for a year now. Didn't get far with that as the economy took quite a toll on job opportunities. Thankfully, I found something that offers a career future.

In the midst of this change, I honestly thought that I would be making and selling jewelry left, right and center. Nope. Though I have gone from zero sales to 9 sales in the past two months, I didn't break any record. But every sale brings affirmation. The joy I derive when I see that email notification makes it all worthwhile. I have learned a few tricks of the trade, so to speak. But the most important thing I seem to have learned is that I have to continue to believe. Believe that I can do this. Believe that I do have something to offer in a platform where there are so many jewelry sellers.

The initial months of no sale was painful. I did spend many a days doubting myself. One day, I was in the critique forum in Etsy where another newbie posted about how sad and disappointed she was for not having a single sale after a few weeks being in Etsy. Two types of people responded to her lament. One type clearly shared her pain. They were disappointed and frustrated that their talent was not immediately a success in the world of Etsy. I think they expected to be making top sales overnight.
The other group on the other hand, was positive. They were confident. They were sure that if you do the right things and hang in there, the sales would come.

I checked out the shops of both types of people. I noted a significant difference in the sales. The disappointed ones obviously were not doing well. So the question was which preceded which? Did they end up disappointed because they didn't have sales or did their general persona define their success? I know that many would argue the former. Most people are not pessimistic by nature. I am sure they did set up shop with positive images of success. So then why is it that one group did extremely well while the other didn't? Did the successful group offer a distinctive product? Did they cater to a niche market? All these questions were raging in my mind. As a new entrepreneur I need to hear success stories. So I have made a vital decision. I am not going to be disappointed. I am going to learn. And one thing I have already learned is this. Don't post in Critique forum in Etsy unless you really really want to be critiqued. That doesn't help your moral nor your sales. Promote all you like. Critique forum is not the place to do it.

Since this lesson was learned, I have made 3 sales. Not in quick succession. I acknowledge and accept that sales will come. Slowly at times. But I have to be positive. I have to have faith. More so in myself than anything else.

So this journey continues.