Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Is this business making sense?

Bought some beautiful bags to sell a few months ago when I went to India. They are intricately designed and expensive. I am still contemplating starting my own business selling imported tops and accessories in addition to selling handmade jewelry, I don't know if starting along the lines of Etsy is the way to go. It has been a good 3 weeks since I listed my first item. No sales. At all. I have been active in forums, blogging, facebook and pass-the-word advertising. Still no sales. Is that an indication that I should not proceed with a full blown website? It is very hard to persevere in the face of possible failure. Is it a failure? Yet? That is the true question bothering me. Am I being too hard on myself? Am I doing all the right things? Maybe the market is saturated to the extent that there is absolutely no room for more. Or my designs and products are not attractive enough to bring in sales. I have to keep asking myself if this is true. Being honest is difficult. But to truly succeed, I have to be honest.

Had I opened a proper store I would still advertise. I would also need  a website. I would have attracted walk-ins. I might have made a sale or two by now. The crowd I am truly trying to attract is sprinkled across the globe. So I can't deny the benefits of having a website. Is Etsy the way to go is my major question.

From the beginning I knew that my designs and pieces are not going to blow anyone away. And based on what I have seen among jewelers in Etsy, very few really are good. So, being honest, I can't say I lose out in terms of the actual product itself. In fact, what I am offering is of a much higher quality than what is being sold in many of these stores. So why then is it taking this long to get a sale?

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