Sunday, March 14, 2010

I love semi precious stones-Peridots

I must have inherited the love of precious and semi precious stones from my father. I know he loves all kind of precious stones. Although, like me, he was an accountant, he spends all of his free time reading up on the properties of these stones. He does extensive research on where to buy the best stones and how to identify them. He is the one who told me that untreated ruby, on a wholesale price, should cost approximately $4k for approximately 0.75 carat.  I have been on a quest ever since to get myself an untreated Burmese pigeon red ruby!

Although I do love the luster and brilliance of diamonds, colored stones do have a large place in my heart. Of all the stones I have seen Peridots and Blue Topaz are right at the top on my favourite list. Blue Topaz, admittedly because they are my birthstones. Well faceted Peridots are beautiful. See the pieces below:
These stones come to live in both florescent lights and natural light. Although sunlight lays claim to be the best for all natural stones, the ubiquitous light bulb does justice to the Peridots. I can't say the same for other stones light Blue Topaz or Garnets.
The second picture of the two pendants set made of Peridots  was taken under direct sunlight. It doesn't look worse than the picture of the necklace taken under florescent light. In comparison, the mystic pink quartz earrings comes alive under direct sunlight. Picture paints a 1000 words goes the saying. These earrings sold almost immediately after I put up these pictures. Maybe I should take more pictures under the direct sunlight.

I plan on purchasing more Peridots as I am very much partial to them. I am going to make myself a complete necklace, earrings and a bracelet set!

Tell  me which stones appeal to you. Was there a time you bought stones to make jewelry and ended up keeping them for yourself? I think I might do the same with these.


  1. I always end up selling the stones I collect in my works of jewelry. Shame isn't it. Some day I will find a pretty emerald and keep it just for me:)

  2. Faceted brios are my fave types of stones...and those green ones are to die for!